Internet Activity for Oil Spill Simulation




  1. Left alone, will the oil spread out in an organized way? Predict how the oil will spread.
  2. How is the spread of oil promoted?
  3. Can local currents affect the spread of spilled oil? If so, how?
  4. Do you think wave action will have an affect on the spill? Explain.
  5. Do tidal influences have an affect on the spread on the spill in the area? Explain.
  6. Describe how seasonal weather changes may affect the movement of the oil spill. Include the change of temperature and wind direction in your description.
  7. Will the harbor characteristics have an affect on the path the oil spill takes?
  8. When crude oil spills, does it float or sink?
  9. Does the type of oil spilled determine whether it floats or sinks?
  10. Will sediments in the water affect the spread of oil?
  11. How can this data be used to reduce the impact of an oil spill on the environment?
  12. What are the long term affects of a large oil spill?
  13. What are some of the things that could be done to reduce the risks of oil spills?