Oil Spills, Thrills and Chills!

Five oil spills in the first half of 1990 dumped a total of 1,045,000 gallons (3,000 tons) of heating oil, fuel oil, and crude oil into the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull. Important to the prevention of future spills is the "fair tide" rule which gives right of way to the vessel with least maneuverability, stopping marine collisions before they have a chance to happen. The real-time currents and water levels utilized by the Coast Guard to enforce this rule at Bergen Point will serve also to provide the source of real-time information necessary for our students to plot and predict the path of a simulated oil spill.

Awareness breeds concern --- concern fosters responsibility.

Lesson Plans

Introduction to the Project

Field Trip

Environmental /Language Arts Activities

Math/Science Activities

Social Studies Activities

Internet Activity for Simulated Oil Spill

Guest Speakers

Culminating Activities

Created, developed, and facilitated by Franny Mirabelli, Rosalie Moran,

Dolores Yurchak, and Rose Marie Yurecko



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