Toggling is the word we have used to illustrate switching between browser windows. You can have more than one web page open at a time using the same browser or using different browsers.

Microsoft Windows Operating System

To open a new window in Netscape Navigator simply click on File and select New and Navigator Window. A new window will open where you can type in a separate web address. In Microsoft Internet Explorer a new window is created by simply clicking File then New, and Window.

To toggle between windows on a Windows Based PC simply look at the status bar, usually at the bottom of your screen. There is a little window with the title of your web page there, simply click on the window you wish to view. Another method is to use a shortcut, hold ALT + TAB, which causes a small menu which shows all the windows currently open, simply click on the TAB key while still holding down the ALT key to switch between windows, release both keys to open the selected program.

Macintosh Operating System

On the Macintosh OS for Microsoft Internet Explorer simply click on Window at the top of the screen; all the browser windows you have opened will be shown, simply select which window you want to view. For Netscape navigator simply click on the Communicator option at the top of the screen, then right at the bottom of the drop down menu, choose the Window option.  You will then see the titles of the pages you have open.

  • Using the techniques mentioned above, open 3 windows, open two of your favorite websites, then look for  your original window. It's that simple.