Keyboard Shortcuts


Replace mouse clicks with keyboard strokes to quickly perform various tasks.

Depending on the preference of the user, various tasks can be completed using one keyboard stroke compared to a number of mouse clicks.  The following are a list of keyboard strokes that are commonly used.  Keyboard shortcuts are the same for all versions of both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Task PC


Open New Browser Window Ctrl- N - N
Print Browser Window Ctrl- P - P
Exit Browser Ctrl- Q - Q
Cut Ctrl- X - X
Copy Ctrl- C - C
Paste Ctrl- V - V
Add to Bookmarks/ Favorites List Ctrl- D - D

Hint:  Use your left hand and hold down the Ctrl (Control) key or the (Open Apple) key.  Use your right hand to strike the designated shortcut key once.

  • Open a new browser window and copy the following text into the location bar and see where it takes you....  Then add it to you bookmarks/favorites list.