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Save entire web pages to show offline.
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Display a web page in your classroom without an internet connection!  Web pages are written in hypertext markup language (html).  Therefore, when you save a web page you actually save the html coding that creates the web page.  In order to display the html coding in the correct manner, you need software that understands it (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.).  You do have the option to save the web page in a plain text format, however, all formatting is lost when this is done.

Successful viewing of a saved web page is determined by a number of factors.  Always test your saved web page offline if you are relying on it to be viewed in that fashion.  Web pages with advanced programming language which provides for interactivity, will often not save properly.  

Netscape Navigator 4.X Example

Netscape allows you save web pages as .HTML or .TXT.  A document saved as .html does not include any images.  You must save those separately in order to view them offline.

 Internet Explorer 5.0 Example

Internet Explorer allows users a number of saving options.  A user may save a web page in its' complete format, which includes all images by choosing either the Web Page or Web Archive option.  A user may save web pages in the HTML for formatted text only or TXT for unformatted text.  For further information about the differences between these options, refer to the IE Help Menu.   


Microsoft Word 98 and above read html documents.  Some formatting may be lost, especially upon conversion to a document file (.doc). 

  • Save this web page to the desktop of your computer.
  • View the image using an image editor if one is available.  Or, open the image using Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.
You will locate information about saving web pages in the Help Menu by searching for the phrase "saving web pages".

For information about how to use help in your specific browser use the links below........

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