Printing Options


Understanding a bit more about your computer's printing options can prevent huge headaches and save you money. 

One of the goals of web site developers is to make their website eye appealing.  To do this, they often use images, frames and backgrounds.  However, this can make printing these web pages tricky.  So many times, expensive ink for your ink-jet printer is wasted and copy after copy is made of the same web page in order to adjust printing to see everything you desire.  Below are a few tips that may come in handy when printing out web pages.  Many of these tips, surprisingly, are not found in the browsers' Help Menus.  Refer to the section that has the information for your computer system and browser.

Some tips common to all computer systems and browsers.

Use the Page Setup option in the File Menu
Adjust margins and determine what information will be printed in the headers and footers of the document.
Use Print Preview option in the File Menu (If available)
Look a what your printed page will look like before wasting paper or ink.  Use the magnifying glass to get a closer view. 
Adjust Font Size
Choose the View pull-down menu and use the option that will increase and decrease printable and screen font size with Internet Explorer.  Netscape must manipulate browser preference settings for adjustment of printable font size. (See specific info below)

Browser Specific Printing Information
Choose appropriate link below.

Internet Browser MAC PC
Internet Explorer 4.X 4.X
5.0 5.0
Netscape Navigator 4.X 4.X
6.0 6.0
  • Force all the backgrounds on this page to be white. (Except Netscape 6.0)
  • Find where you can adjust the printing margins.
For general information about printing, use the keyword, "print" in the browser's Help Menu.

For information about how to use help in your specific browser use the links below........