Choosing  a link below will bring you to a web page that describes a specific procedure or aspect of browsing the internet.  This tutorial ultimately directs you to the browser's help menu for specific directions.  After you learn about your chosen topic, try the recommended Practice Exercises to sharpen your skills.   Information about using your internet browser's Help Menu is available and linked from each tutorial web page. 
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Customizing Toolbars
Have you ever lost all your toolbars?
You can customize your toolbars to best fit your needs.

Learn what the cache is and how it's settings can determine how much memory is used on your computer.
Find out what web sites your students have accessed using this feature.
Find in Page
Locate information quickly in a web page using this feature.
Saving a Web Page
Save web page to view it off-line.
Saving an Image
Save an image to view it off-line.
Changing Screen Fonts
Change the screen font size for easier viewing.
Open and utilize multiple browser windows.
Bookmarks & Favorites
Can't find a specific web site that you once added to your Favorites list?  Help and tips on organizing your Favorites.
Printing Options
Ever wonder how to prevent wasting valuable ink for your printer or how to ensure the whole web page prints?
Setting Home page
Choose what web page will be shown when you start Internet Explorer.
Exploring Domains
Web page not found?  Here are some tips to locate those lost websites.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Use your keyboard to quickly perform various functions.
Ever wonder what cookies are?  Find out about the crumbs you are dropping.

Internet Browser Information
Learn some information about the internet browser you are currently using
 and discover how to use it's Help Menu to find useful information