This option allows teachers to easily find the websites that have been accessed by this browser in the past.

Web address of all websites accessed by this browser as stored in the history for a user determined amount of time. The History in your browser can be an important tool to keep track of the websites your students have visited.    This option can also be helpful to find a website you once visited and can't remember the web address or how you got there. (Of course you must be at the same computer)

To access the History Options in Netscape, use the Communicator pull-down menu and choose Tools.  

To access the History Options in Internet Explorer use the View pull-down menu to choose the Explorer Bar.

Users may determine how long the browser keeps track of the history of web pages accessed.  Where you change this preference is also where you can clear the current history file.  

  • Find out what web page was accessed first today.
  • Change the History Preference to keep track for only two (2) days.
Use the keyword "History" to access the correct Help Menu information.  IE Users:  Choose the option of History List  (not Folder)

For information about how to use help in your specific browser use the links below........