Changing Screen Fonts


This option allows users to specify how large the text on the web page appears.

Text on a web page may be displayed larger or smaller depending on the preference of the user.  Changing the font size on the computer display may also help when printing web pages.  

For display purposes, text may be adjusted by using the View pull-down menu at the top of your screen and selecting Increase or Decrease Font (or Text Size).

For printing purposes, printed text size will remain the same as display when using Internet Explorer.  However, when using Netscape, you must change the font using the Preferences Menu.  Preferences is found under the Edit pull down menu

Netscape Users:  When you change the default font for printing purposes, make sure to follow the same instructions to change the font size back to the original default size.  It is not recommended to change the Font Style.

  • Increase and decrease the Font size on this web page
  • Netscape users:  access the area in your browser that allows you to change your default font size.
Follow the directions about for easy manipulation of font size.  For further instructions use the keyword "Font".  
Netscape Users: Do not follow the instructions that involve highlighting text.  These instructions are for web page development.

For information about how to use help in your specific browser use the links below........