Find in Page


This option allows users to locate specific text within a web page they are currently viewing.  

The Find command is very useful when performing a general search on the web.  Users often look for very specific information that can at times be buried within a very long web page.  This command quickly locates the requested text within the entire length of the web page that is currently being viewed.  Thus eliminating the need  to read the entire text of a document in order to locate the wanted information.

The Find command prompts users to the location of the text by scrolling to the location of the text and highlighting it.  This command will not work if the word you are looking for is in an image on the page.  For example, the Find command will not locate the phrase "internet user" in the logo on this page.

Note:  Search engines search for the requested information beyond just the text of a web page.  Therefore, it is possible for the Find command not to find the text that you are looking for in a web page retrieved during a searching session.

  • Use the Find command to determine the number of times the word "text" is mentioned in this web page.
  • Use the Find command to locate the phrase "teacher training" on the CIESE homepage.  (Access the CIESE homepage using the button below.)
You will locate The Find Command in the help menu by searching for the word, "find" and selecting the option that locates text within a specific web page. 

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