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Bookmarks and Favorites allow a user to quickly access web pages that they would like to return to without memorizing web addresses.  

Bookmarks are Netscape's equivalent to Internet Explorer's Favorites.  Their function is exactly the same, however, how they are accessed and organized are a bit different.  

When using bookmarks, users often just add them to the bottom of the list.  All of a sudden, there are 50+ bookmarks and only ten of them you recognize.  Some of the bookmarks don't even have identifying titles.  Why is that?

Bookmarks and Favorites use the title of the web page as their identifier.  If the web developer forgot to title his/her web page, no identifying title will be listed next to the bookmark icon.  The title of the web page can be found at the top of your browser window.

To prevent "losing" your bookmarks, we recommend the following:

Rename the bookmark to a recognizable identifying title.
Always look to see what title was placed with the bookmark. 
Create and use folders to arrange your Bookmarks and Favorites. 
A user may add the bookmark  directly to a folder that was created previously.  Or, bookmarks may be edited later by cutting a pasting into folders.

  Use the Help Menu for specific directions about editing bookmarks.

Note:  Netscape allows users to search for bookmarks by title, web address and description.  If you know you bookmarked a page from EPA's website but you can't figure out which one.  Use the Find in Bookmarks option and type "EPA".  The bookmark finder will highlight all the bookmarks (one at a time) that have EPA in the title, url, or description.  For directions, use the Help Menu and search for "finding bookmarks".

  • Create a folder with your name in this computer's Bookmark or Favorite's list.
  • Add this page to the list.
  • Rename this web page's identifying title to one that is more appropriate.
Internet Explorer's Help Menu search use "Favorites".
Netscape's Help Menu search for "Bookmarks".

For information about how to use help in your specific browser use the links below........