How far was your Trip to this Workshop? (3.19.02)

In this activity you are going to find out who was the average commuter today. First we will start off with a guess. What do you think is the average distance all the members of this group traveled today? That is, the distance from your point of origin this morning to: 602 River Street in Hoboken, NJ? _________
Now let's collect some data to see how close your guess was.

I. Find your distance from home to CIESE headquarters in three ways:

A. "As the crow flies" by making a scale drawing
B. "As the crow flies" using
C. Door-to-door using
Part A:
1. Get a map of the tri-state area. (Printout or screen shot from or will suffice.)
2. Use a ruler to draw (or measure) a line from your point of origin to Hoboken and measure it.
3. Using the scale indicated, determine the distance. ________

Part B:
 Go to ( and find out what your "as the crow flies" distance is ________.

Part C:
Go to ( and find out what your door-to-door distance is.

II. Record your door-to-door distance.

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A. What was the average distance the group traveled this morning?
B. How did your distance compare with the others?
C. Which member(s) of the group were the most representative of the group's travel distance?

Other related questions:
1. Which distance was greater for you: the ìas the crow fliesî or door-to-door distance? Do you think this will always be the case? Explain.

2. Compare the estimated time with the time it actually took you. What are some of the factors that account for the difference (or might have affected it)?

3. What was your average speed?

Extension (Sample HSPA/GEPA problem):
A group of friends attending college in New York City decide during spring vacaton to visit friends by car in the following cities: Boston, Pittsburgh, and Washington, DC. There are many choices as to the order of visiting the cities and returning to New York City, but the friends want to design a route that minimizes the amount of time they will be traveling while maximizing the time visiting with their friends.
New York
Wash, DC
New York
Wash, DC
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