How to Add Images to Your Homepage

  1. Locate an icon you would like to use. Some recommended sites:

  2. Position your mouse over the icon and click with your right mouse button. Click and hold. *Macintosh users can just position mouse over icon and click and hold.

  3. Choose "Save Image As..." and then you can either rename the icon or choose the default name. Save the image as a .gif file. You will want to save the image in your a:\ directory (floppy disk) along with the index.html file.
    Remember what you named the file by writing down the filename.

  4. Open Notepad and open then "index.html" file in your a:\ directory.

  5. Locate where you want the icon to appear to on your homepage and then type in the HTML Tag
    <IMG SRC- "filename.gif">
    Example: <IMG SRC-- "redball.gif"> This will add a red ball icon.

  6. Save "index.html". Open Netscape and choose "File" and then "Open File in Browser" and "index.html" in your a:\ directory. If Netscape is already open, just hit Reload.

  7. Don't forget to FTP the .gif and index.html to your public_html directory on the K12 Web Server. If you don't upload the GIF file, you will get the broken icon symbol on your homepage.