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Below are examples of both unique and compelling and more typical Internet applications. Although many typical Internet resources may in fact be interesting and well organized sites, they provide information or activities for which you don't necessarily need the Internet to conduct. On the other hand, unique and compelling Internet resources provide access to resources that are not typically available to K-12 students through any other means.


Unique & Compelling Internet Resources

Typical Internet Resources

Ask a Biologist

Submit questions and get answers from real scientific experts. Experts in a wide variety of subject areas are not typically available to students. Use of the Internet greatly facilitates this type of communication.

Human Anatomy Online  

Online reference materials for students that could also be found in  library resources or on CD-ROMs.

WhaleNet Satellite Tracking  

Track the real-time locations and migration routes of seals, porpoises, whales, and other marine animals through WhaleNet's satellite tracking program. 

Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plants

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides information about many different plant and animal species. This information could also be obtained from other sources.

Jack London Autobiographical Letter

Students can read an actual letter written by Jack London describing his childhood. The Internet provides easy access to this type of primary source material.

The World of Benjamin Franklin

This information, although nicely assembled, can be found through other sources without the use of the Internet. Textbooks, encyclopedias and reference books, as well as CD-ROMs, can provide much of this information.

 Now for a little test!

After you have looked at each example above and have a good idea of what makes for a unique and compelling resource, take a look at the last three resources and decide which, if any, provide learning opportunities for students that could not be easily implemented without the use of the Internet. Be prepared to defend your answers!

Unique and Compelling or not? - You Decide!

The Wonderful World of Weather

Students investigate weather phenomenon both locally as well as in other places around the world.

Flights of Inspiration

A web resource that explores two inspired flights.

Measuring Angles

Measure angles by clicking and dragging the protractor on top of the shapes and selecting the right answer from the options.


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