How to Change the Background

  1. Locate a background image
    Below is a Sample Selection from Netcape
    Netscape "Pattern" Backgrounds

  2. Position your mouse over the icon and with the right mouse button click and hold. Same as when you save icons.
    Choose "Save Image As..." in your a:\ directory.
    (HINT! Write down the name of the image)
    You can choose the default name or rename the image.

  3. Open Notepad and "index.html"
    In the <BODY> tag--replace it with
    <BODY BACKGROUND= "background.gif">

  4. Save "index.html"

  5. Open Netscape, choose "File" and "Open File in Browser" and then "index.html". If Netscape is already open, just hit Reload.

  6. Don't forget to FTP the backfground image to your public_html directory on the K12 Web Server as well as the index.html