Suggested Steps for Integrating Internet-Based Activities with Curriculum

1. Select topic based upon curriculum.
2. Decide if sufficient resources for that topic are available on the Internet.
3. If you decide to utilize the Internet, decide which of the unique or compelling uses is most suitable.
Collaborative project - Find one to use or, after you have participated in one, develop your own.
Ask an expert - On the Internet, there are individuals who are willing and able to answer a wide variety of student questions.
Publish student work online - Produce a web page, for example, in which students present their projects. 
Real time data - Locate a project already designed to make use of up-to-the-minute information from the Internet or design your own activity.
4. Match skills developed during activity to New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards.
5. Take Internet Safety into consideration in preparing the activity.
6. Consider the computer facilities available in managing the activity.
7. Implement the project or activity.