Review of Unique and Compelling Uses of the Internet

At CIESE, we encourage participants in our workshops to consider certain unique and compelling uses of the Internet. During previous workshops, you have been introduced to these uses.

We designed the following activities to review four special uses of the Internet in the K12 classroom. It is important to note that these special uses of the Internet allow you to do more than you can do with CD-ROM’s, software, or traditional references alone.

Please write your responses on the form provided.

1. Under what circumstances might you find it helpful to consult with an online expert?

2. Here is a question that a student wants to email to some expert or authority. Rephrase this question so that it is more easily answerable:

    When you go down into the water, how far can you see?

3. Find and record the URL for an expert who might help you answer questions about the topic your students are working on this week. See main page for experts.

4. Here are the objectives for two collaborative projects. For each, state how doing such projects collaboratively is better than just doing them only with your own students:

a. To determine if there is a relationship between the latitude and ocean water temperature

b. To determine whether or not beach sand is rounder than sand from streams

5. What would be an example of a oceanography topic that could be studied collaboratively?

6.  How are sites that publish real time data on the Web different from those that do not?

7. Why would real time data sites generate student interest?

8. Science fair projects allow students to display their work before a wide audience. How can you display student work for an even wider audience?