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Exploring Oceanography Using the Internet

Purpose of Today's Workshop

Today's workshop will focus on using the Internet in the study of oceanography. Participants will begin with hands-on exploration of a wide range of Internet-based resources, from heat sensitive infrared satellite images of major ocean currents such as the Gulf Stream, to remote sensing data from ships and buoys at sea. Several curriculum modules which cover traditional oceanography topics, such as surface currents, salinity, and the marine food chain, will be introduced. As a result of this workshop, participants will be prepared to implement Internet-based oceanography resources in their classrooms.


Consulting Experts in the Field

Find Schools to Collaborate with on Oceanography Projects

Latitude & Longitude and Time Zone Review

Steps for Integrating Internet-Based Activities with Curriculum

Classroom Oceanography Projects that Use  Real Time Data

Great Oceanography Resources 

Directories for Other Oceanography Resources

Ways of Using the Internet in the Classroom  
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