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Mentor Teachers Enhancing Science
Education with Internet-based Curricula

1999 Summer Institute
July 26, 1999 - August 6, 1999 



Online Projects





During the summer institute, participant groups will develop an interdisciplinary project for use in their classrooms during the following school year. Participants will focus on projects that involve science and which tap into at least one unique and compelling Internet resource. Participants will be encouraged to produce projects that reach across disciplines.

Below are the group breakdowns and web resources related to their project topics.
Group Members
Resource Page
Plainfield Earthquakes Jerome Jackson
Tamekia Grier
Lindsay Joice
Group #1 Resource Page
Plainfield Race Car Derby Sylvia DiLorenzo
Oscar Padilla
Myke Washington
Group #2 Resource Page
Paterson Ozone Pat Watson
Alma Reavis
Margaret Yelenik
Group #3 Resource Page
Paterson Energy Usage & Cost Analysis Mary McClam
Carmine Pindilli
Rhonda Tombiling
Group #4 Resource Page
Paterson Heat / Solar Energy Lynn Tarant
Cicely Warren
Lucy Mankovich
Group #5 Resource Page
Passaic Weather Station Data Carmel Kostiuk
Myriam Smith
Group #6 Resource Page
Passaic Testing Tap Water Arlene Catanzano
Marilyn D'Angelo
Gail Kwiat
Group #7 Resource Page
Passaic Acid Rain Harry Greenwald
Jerilyn Jentsch
Irene Browning
Tim Reilly
Jacquelyn Varcadipane
Group #8 Resource Page

General Resources

Examples of Teacher-Developed Projects

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