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Implementation Presentations

June 5, 2000


Summer Group Project
Arlene Catanzano
Marilyn D'Angelo
Gail Kwiat
Stink? In Your Drink!
Summer Group Project
Lucille Mankovich

Ellen O'Rourke
Lynn Tarant
Cicely Warren

Sunergy for the New Millennium
Square of Life
Its Raining cats and Dogs and Acid Rain


Cynthia Cargill
Eduard Eduardo
Carrie Hittel
Jerome Jackson
Lindsay Joice
Advanced Internet for Teachers
Air Quality and Disease 
Our Political Party: Election 2000
Summer Group Project
Carmel Kostiuk
Myriam Smith
Weather Wizards
Heroes In Science
The Global Temperature Project
Summer Group Project
Mary McClam
Carmine Pindilli
Rhonda Tombiling
Watt's with Solar?
Genetics Project
Why Do You Look Like That?
Why Do You Look Like That?
Summer Group Project
Margaret Yelenik
Ozone - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Acid Rain
Human Genetics
Summer Group Project
Irene Browning
Harry Greenwald
Timothy Reilly
Jerilyn Jentsch
Jacquelyn Varcadipane
Acid Rain

Global Sun and Temperature Project
Global Sun Project
The Challenge of the 7 Cups
Scavenger Hunt

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