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Developing Project Implementation Web Pages
Part 5

March 15, 2000

Purpose of Today's Workshop

Participants will spend the majority of their time completing implementation web pages for each of the projects they plan to run this school year. Instructors will be assisting individuals as they complete the selection of all required projects that they expect to implement in their classrooms. In addition, participants will become familiar with Language Arts and Social Studies resources. Participants may use these resources when they encourage colleagues to make use of Internet-based materials. Finally, you will learn how to deal with viruses and virus hoaxes in the classroom.

Examples of Topic- Specific Resources

Examples of Compelling Projects for Language Arts and Social Studies

Web Sites that Publish Student Work

Exploring Language Arts and Social Studies Web Sites

Social Studies 


Government  and Politics 

Language Arts 

    Economics and Finance 

Foreign Language 

Dealing with Viruses and Virus Hoaxes 

McAfee Virus Information - Online scan plus list of known hoaxes
Antivirus Resources "Recommended software, how to handle a virus attack or new virus, virus descriptions, virus myths, hoaxes, software and more." (from site) 

Computer Virus Myths "Read all about computer viruses and hoaxes." (from site) 

Sophos Virus info Virus Information and scares 

How to Protect Against Computer Viruses  Viruses, how they work, and what to do about them - from ZDNet 

Anti-Virus Assistance - ZDNet's anti-virus help 

Computer Incident Advisory Capability US Department of Energy guidance page 

Computer Virus Resources Carnegie Mellon: The Virus Resource Center - dealing with computer viruses 

Doug Muth's Anti-Virus Help Pages Lots of advice about dealing with viruses 

Computer Information Center - Anti-Virus Software" These pages deal with a variety of anti-virus topics with links to major suppliers of anti-virus software. Related topics include access to data and encyclopaedias on computer viruses (including WildLists) and links to FAQs and pages on computer security and data protection." (from site) 

Anti-Virus Software Options "This page is designed to help you learn more about computer viruses and choose appropriate anti-virus software." (from page) 

Symantec Anti-Virus Research Center Compendium of known computer virus hoaxes 

Anti-Virus Online - Latest Alerts IBM site listing recent viruses and hoaxes 

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