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Developing Project Implementation Web Pages
Part 4

February 9, 2000

Purpose of Today's Workshop

Participants will spend the majority of their time completing implementation web pages for each of the projects they plan to run this school year. Instructors will be assisting individuals as they complete the selection of all required projects that they expect to implement in their classrooms. In addition, participants will be asked to use the ScienceLINK listserv to update their colleagues regarding their use of the Internet in the classroom. Finally, teachers will become familiar with ways to obtain money for worthy Internet-related projects.

Posting Listserv Message that Describes Your Classroom Internet Activities

Math on the Internet


Internet Based Projects

Problem Solving Tools

Organizations & Projects
  • CIESE  Stevens Institute of Technology Curriculum Projects
  • CLIME Council for Technology in Mathematics Education
  • NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • AMTNJ - New Jersey's Math Association
  • TERC Technology Resource Center in Cambridge, MA
  • EDC Educational Development Center in Cambridge, MA
  • Cornell Math & Science Center
Resources Examples of Real Time (or Near Real Time) Data Resources

Sources for Funding and Grant-Writing Tips

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