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Developing Project Implementation Web Pages
Part 2

December 10, 1999

Purpose of Today's Workshop

Participants will become familiar with the second part of the newly-developed Project Management Plan. This plan is designed to guide its users as they develop project implementation plans and web pages. In addition, participants will review and practice web page fundamentals. Workshop attendees will also have time to continue their project implementation activities.

Web Page Review

Designing A Personal Web Page
Practice! Practice! Practice!

Some Examples:
  The content is not really important.  You might want to make it family oriented or work oriented.  The idea is to practice using various functions of Netscape Composer.
Each web page should contain the following:

At least one image -         Pictures of "Our Crew"

At least one link - Sources for Images and Links

A table:

This really could be fun
But you could make it work
You might want a horizontal line

Or two

Maybe a numbered or bulleted list.

Here's a good source for Web Design and Posting.

Anyway - Have Fun and Keep Smiling!

You have one hour, but don't feel pressured!

If you need help - YELL

Project  Manangement Plan 
Part 2: Classroom Management 
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