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      Arrange a Site Visit?

      Identification of Existing Projects for Implementation

      October 4, 1999


      Purposes of Today's Workshop

      Today we will continue to work toward the implementation objectives. One of these objectives is to use your summer project in your classroom. The other is to locate, evaluate, and choose two other projects that you can integrate with your curriculum.

      Participants will give updates on their summer projects, work on a troubleshooting activity, and spend most of their time examining potential projects. 

      Participants will be asked to complete site visit request forms and assist with determining the agenda for the next workshop.

      Identifying Existing Projects

      Clicking on the link below will bring you back to the previous workshop page.

      When you get to that page, scroll down to "Examining Web Site Evaluation Tools." 

      There you can choose an evaluation tool that you find useful.

      Scroll further down the main page to "Projects on the Web."

      Listed there you will find many links to sites that have projects for you to review.

      When you have located a suitable project, complete the form called 
      "Project to be Implemented - Description."

      Record the URL for your own reference and then give the completed form to one of the trainers.

      You might wish to email this URL to yourself and bookmark it on your computer.

      Link to previous workshop page.

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