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 Mentor Teachers Enhancing Science Education with Internet-based Curricula



Online Projects





Exploring Environmental Science
Using the Internet

Purpose of Today's Workshop 

Today's workshop will focus on using the Internet in the study of environmental science. You will begin with hands-on exploration of a wide range of Internet-based resources including collaborative projects and real time data . Several curriculum projects will be introduced.  As a result of this workshop, you will be prepared to use Internet-based environmental resources in your classrooms.

Tech Corps NJ - Does your school need technology assistance, service or support? Tech Corp provides volunteers to help integrate technology in schools. You can request assistance through their web site. Be sure to mention you are working with Stevens in this year-long teacher development program.

Consulting Experts in the Field

Examples of Collaborative Environmental Projects

Find Schools to Collaborate with on Environmental Projects

Publishing Student Work Online

Classroom Environmental Projects that Use Real Time Data

Water Resources

Air Quality Resources

Impact on Society Resources

Energy Resources

Habitat Resources

Other Environmental Resources

Directories for Environmental Resources

Implementation Activity

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