Meteorology Resources - Ihor's well-developed workshop page - National Weather Service IWIN Homepage - Current NJ weather and more; climate too
great site for interactive activities – kids as global scientists project - EPA AIRNOW - ozone monitoring lots of great stuff – aviation supposedly (icing levels vs. time aloft and elevation chosen by “pilot” - basic meteorology w/ great activities - American Meteorological Society – projects - USAToday: lots of resources - Dan’s wild wild weather page - weather underground - extensive lessons - Gander Academy resources -activities with teacher guides – some with real-time components - Allows you to draw  weather maps with a variety of options - source of current weather - source of current weather- lots of station data - source of current weather - source of current weather - model activity on weather – portfolio plans - good resources as well as images - the Weather Channel - Materials for k12 classrooms - more specific educational information and links galore - multitude of thumbnails to choose to get data from – spherical views -  check out /satlinks.html - Good hurricane material and more - World Weather Watch - "Children assume that the weather in their area is the same as everywhere else." - Vast series of weather links rated by graphic content and grade level - weather glossary w/ visuals for some terms - automated weather systems - tornadoes, of course - glossary - Texas A&M site w/ lots of weather products - air quality information and lesson plans - great sets of lessons – a must see - several links to weather/climate resources - the weather calculator – allows several unit conversions e.g. Celsius to Fahrenheit - weather channel’s list of educational resources - current conditions and forecasts - good references – some elementary level ones - java applet allowing construction of own map - weather maps and meteograms - many well-organized links to weather resources and lesson plans - Many links organized as virtual library - Franklin Institute – lots of resources - several links – K12 outreach activities in weather and climate - temperature inversion lesson - Take a virtual field trip to study hurricanes! - Red Cross guides for preparedness for weather emergencies - weather products and information - EPA Global Warming tutorial - Weather Here and There - A Unit on Weather