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Logarithms and the Richter Scale (.doc) See Word document The focus is on the application of logarithms as used in the Richter Scale, which identifies the magnitude of earthquakes. In addition, the relationship between basic exponential and logarithmic functions is emphasized. Dr. Debbie Massari, Cuyahoga Community College
Earthquakes! Amplitude and Magnitude Connection RWLO - A (.doc) See Word document This RWLO is the first of three separate and sequential RWLOs. Students will understand the differences and the connections between the Amplitude and Magnitude of Earthquakes. Patricia M. Falbo, Associate Professor of Mathematics, NHMCCD
Earthquakes and the Poisson Distribution Student materials Data from the U.S. Geological Survey website is used to reinforce the Poisson Distribution model of earthquake occurences. Darla Ottman, Professor, Elizabethtown Community & Technical College