US Department of Education

Advisory Council Meeting
October 21, 2004, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. EST
Meeting Agenda

Participant Introductions

Geoff Andrews
Polaris Career Center

Geoffrey Andrews is the Assistant Superintendent at Polaris Career
Center. Recently cited as one of Converge magazine's Shapers of
the Future, he oversees Quality & Data Analysis, Curriculum, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Professional Development at Polaris, widely regarded as a leading institution in leveraging the
integration of technology, curriculum and data analysis to improve
student achievement. There he founded and directs the Instruction,
Learning & Technology Leadership Institute, a premier inservice
professional development facility for educators. He has worked
extensively managing high-profile grant projects at the state and
national level. Mr. Andrews received his undergraduate and graduate
degrees from Dartmouth College and Villanova University, respectively. He also holds an appointment as an adjunct professor at Ashland University.
Tim Best
Ohio Board of Regents
Tim Best, originally scheduled to participate in this call, has been delayed on business travel and sends his regrets.

Dr. Best completed his Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. degrees at the Ohio State University. He has held the positions of: Project Director, PT3 Catalyst Grant, Ohio Board of Regents; Small Schools Coach, Small Schools Project, University of Washington; Lecturer, Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University; Director, Ohio SchoolNet, State of Ohio; Executive Director, Center for Leadership in Education, Director, Advanced Development, Fitch; and, Director, Media Services, Columbus Public Schools. Dr. Best serves on a variety of advisory boards and has written important papers on the integration of technology for teaching and learning.

Paul Bucci
Academy for Educational Development

Paul Bucci, Ph.D. is Academy Vice President and Director of AED’s Higher Education Management Services Center. Dr. Bucci’s two decades of professional work experience have centered on designing and implementing grant-supported social and educational change initiatives to improve student learning. Since 1979, focusing primarily on services for leaders of institutions and state systems of higher education, Bucci has provided technical assistance in developing plans, implementing strategies, and evaluating the cost effectiveness and sustainability of the innovations fostered with external seed funding. Dr. Bucci’s areas of professional interest include institutional development, educational technology, school reform, teacher education, and community and workforce development. As Director of AED’s Higher Education Management Services Center, his professional practice has focused on finding ways (1) to integrate varied federal and foundation grant programs that foster and empower local restructuring or systemic reform initiatives, and (2) to institutionalize and sustain those reforms incrementally through internal base budget re-allocations and redefined roles at the local level. Since joining the Academy in 1983, Bucci has developed and conducted or directed over $5 million in federal- and state-supported research, demonstration, evaluation and policy study projects. This higher education work included a FIPSE grant (1988-1991, Grant #G-P116B80229), to develop and implement a three-year $285,498 on-line learning demonstration project, in collaboration with Montgomery College, a three-campus, 22,000-student community college in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. Dr. Bucci has also worked with over 100 colleges and universities and community partnerships to develop long-range institutional development plans and federal grant proposals, with total client funding of over $100 million.

Julie Cronin
Cuyahoga Community College

Julie Cronin is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Metropolitan Campus of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.  She earned a B.S. in Education from Baldwin-Wallace College and an M.A. in Mathematics from The Ohio State University.  Before joining Tri-C, Ms. Cronin was an analyst for a human resources consulting firm.

Lawrence Frase
George Mason University


Larry Frase is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in the School of Public Policy at George Mason University. He is known internationally for his management, research, teaching, and development of educational technology. He is a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Psychological Association, and the American Psychological Society. His innovative management activities, including groups as large as 50 people, have resulted in the creation of groundbreaking applications of computer technology in education. His work in the federal government created new initiatives in the study of reading, writing, mathematics, and document design. He consults frequently with education, government, and military organizations, and has been advisor to doctoral students in the US and other countries. His research includes over 100 published papers on human reasoning, reading, writing, text design, and educational technology. Recent research has concentrated on the use of technology for language analysis, teaching, and testing. [Read More]
Edward Friedman
Stevens Institute of Technology

Edward A. Friedman is Professor of Management, founder and past director of CIESE. His background includes being an experimental solid state physicist, director of a program to create an indigenous college of engineering in Afghanistan, and Dean of the College at Stevens. He was a recipient of the Stevens Research Award and State of New Jersey Albert Einstein Award in Education and has been a visiting Fulbright Scholar in Bulgaria. Dr. Friedman’s undergraduate and Ph.D. Degrees in Physics are from MIT and Columbia University respectively.
Fern Khan
Bank Street College of Education

Fern Khan is Dean of the Division of Continuing Education at Bank Street College. She provides leadership and overall management of programs, personnel and budget for the Division of Continuing Education established in 1989. She is responsible for the design, development and implementation of new programs, outreach activities, staff hiring and evaluation, and specific board related activities. [Read More]

Joshua Koen
Stevens Institute of Technology

Joshua Koen is responsible for teacher training and developing Internet-based curriculum materials. He has special expertise in the fields of multicultural education and education in Latin America. He has taught in the elementary school and served two years as a Peace Corps volunteer training teachers and developing curriculum in the Dominican Republic. Mr. Koen earned a Master's of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and a Bachelor's in Psychology, both from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).
Ed Leach
League for Innovation in the Community College

Dr. Edward Leach, Vice Presidents of Services and Programs, League for Innovation in the Community College. Ed earned a Ph.D. in Educational Administration with a concentration in Community College Leadership from The University of Texas in Austin, an M.Ed . in Health Education from Miami University (OH), a BS in Secondary Education with a concentration in Sportsmedicine from Eastern Kentucky University, and AS in General Studies from Genesee Community College (NY). Leach manages the League’s Service Division, a direct sales arm that provides targeted expertise and resources of interest to and appropriate for community colleges. Ed also serves as lead staff member for the League’s Information Technology Initiative and is the director of the League’s Conference on Information Technology. Ed was also the liaison for the League for Alliance+, a five-year, $10 million Internet-in-Education program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Ed currently serves as the League’s liaison for the PT3 grant. [Read More]

Susan Lowes
Institute for Learning Technologies Columbia University

Dr. Susan Lowes is Director of Research and Evaluation at the Institute for Learning Technologies at Teachers College. She has conducted evaluations of Dept. of Education Technology Innovation Challenge and 21st Center Learning Community grants; a Dept. of Commerce TOP grant; a wide range of NSF-funded initiatives, including REU, IGERT, GK12, and ASA grants; as well as many K-12 professional development and curriculum projects. [Read More]
Beth McGrath
Stevens Institute of Technology

Beth McGrath, Project Director of the Pathways Project, became Director of the Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education in February 2004, after serving as Deputy Director of CIESE for 10 years. During her tenure at CIESE, Beth has managed staff and directed programs impacting more than 15,000 precollege educators in New Jersey and across the U.S., developed substantial funding from public and private sources for curriculum development and teacher training initiatives, and has written and spoken widely on topics related to educational technology and education reform. Last year, Beth initiated a partnership with the Stevens School of Engineering which has come to be known as the Research and Innovation in Engineering Education (RIEE) initiative. This initiative is bringing CIESE's expertise in STEM educational reform, curriculum development, technical assistance, and precollege education to bear on key Stevens priorities in undergraduate education. Prior to joining CIESE, Beth was Director of Marketing and Communications at Stevens Institute of Technology, managing the university's internal and external communications programs, media outreach, and special events. Beth worked in the advertising and publishing industries prior to joining Stevens in 1987. Beth holds a B.S. in Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University and will complete her Master of Education degree from the University of Maryland University College in December 2004.
Mercedes McKay
Stevens Institute of Technology

As Associate Director of CIESE, Mercedes McKay oversees K-12 online science and math curriculum development work and leads efforts to develop new teacher training materials. She earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University and a graduate certificate in Technology Applications in Science Education from Stevens Institute of Technology. Before joining CIESE, Ms. McKay was a practicing engineer and also taught high school science and mathematics.
Arthur Melmed
George Mason University

Arthur Melmed is presently senior research professor in the School of Public Policy at George Mason University.

Former positions include the U.S. National Science Foundation, U.S. National Institute of Education, New York University (twice) and Argonne National Laboratory.

Patricia Mintz
Cuyahoga Community College

Patricia J. Mintz, E.D.M.  currently serves as the Dean of Academic Affairs for the Metropolitan Campus of Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio.  She completed her Executive Doctor of Management degree at Case Western Reserve University in May, 2003.  As project director for the Alliance+ Internet in Education Project, she has seen the development and implementation of curriculum that has brought technology innovation to the K-12 classroom.  Mintz has divided her career between teaching mathematics in junior high, high school and community college classrooms and serving in administrative roles in faculty development and academic administration.  Dr. Mintz is the project director for the PT-3 grant at Tri-C.
Marie Nock
Miami Dade College

Marie Nock is the District Director of College Training and Development, the department responsible for providing training to all of Miami Dade College’s faculty, staff and administrators.  She has also served as the Site Director for various technology grants including Alliance, Alliance+ and Cyberaprendiz with many of the same partners that are involved in the Pathways Grant. 

Marie holds an A.B. degree from the University of Miami in Hispanic American Studies and a M.Ed. in Counseling from Florida Atlantic University.  She has completed additional graduate work in Organization Development and Human Relations and has taught at the graduate level for Nova University and St. Thomas University.

Ray Ostos
Maricopa Community Colleges

Mr. Ray A. Ostos serves as the Director of Community Partnership Programs for the National Center for Teacher Education. He has been in this position since June 2003. His responsibilities include supporting the efforts of the National Center on a local, state and national level. In this position he supports connections between community colleges and their communities, which includes the implementation and management of many grants supporting teacher education.

In his previous positions he served as a U.S. Department of Agriculture Liaison Officer for Hispanic Serving Institutions and worked as an Extension Youth Development Agent for Michigan State University. In 1993 he graduated from New Mexico State University with his M.A. degree in Extension Education.
Cheri St. Arnauld
Maricopa Community Colleges

Dr. Cheri St. Arnauld is the National Director of Teacher Education Programs for Maricopa Community Colleges and the Executive Director of the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs.  She is responsible for providing leadership to the National Center for Teacher Education.  The National Center supports local, statewide and national initiatives promoting the community college role in recruiting, preparing and retaining quality teachers.

Cheri comes with 21 years of experience in education.  She was an Educator and Division Specialist for Mesa Public Schools, and an adjunct faculty member with the University of Phoenix.  She has been involved in teacher preparation through teaching classes, developing curriculum, and supervising student teachers and interns.

Her vision is to advocate for exceptional teacher education programs in the community colleges so every child has a qualified, certified teacher in their classroom and to bring awareness and collaboration among various groups to ‘Speak With One Voice’ concerning teacher recruitment, preparation and retention.

Cheryl Williams
Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Cheryl Scott Williams was appointed CPB's Vice President of Education in March 2001. Williams oversees the development and coordination of the Corporation's educational projects in conjunction with partners from across the learning community. She is responsible for the planning and coordination of public broadcasting initiatives that address priorities such as preparing children to enter school "ready to learn," maximizing the educational capacity of new digital platforms, and increasing educational opportunities for all. [Read More]


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