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  The K-12 Partnership Program promotes meaningful integration of Internet-based resources in K-8 and 9-12 science, mathematics and other subjects. Powerful, Internet-based curriculum materials are the mechanisms to engage students in authentic science investigations, real world collaboration with scientists and other students, and analysis of dynamic, "real-time" data on natural, scientific, and other phenomenon.

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Program Highlights
  The K-12 Partnership was inaugurated in 1997-98 by The Center For Improved Engineering & Science Education and is based on experience working with more than 3,000 teachers from more than 700 schools since 1994. To date, more than 80 schools have participated in the program.

The K-12 Partnership offers teams of two teachers 12 days of hands-on professional development, plus a full day symposium on Internet applications in education designed for teachers and administrators.

In addition to this 78 hour training program, the K-12 Partnership includes two full day site visits to each participating school. 

Participants receive instruction on turnkey training approaches and are able to deliver Internet-in-science workshops to their colleagues.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Ronit Ehrlich
(201) 216-8066

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