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Web Publishing For Teachers

Why Should You Create A Web Page For Your Class

So What Makes A Web Page?

Check Them Out - Web Pages Other Teachers Have Created

What Will Be The Purpose of Your Web Page?

Creating Your Web  Page

Today we will create a basic one page web document using Netscape Composer containing at least one graphic, one paragraph of informational text and five hyperlinks to external web addresses. We will create a free web hosting account with Angelfire.com, obtain our own unique web address and publish our page and its image(s) to our new free space on the web.

Search For Educational Sites To Link To Your Page:
  • CIESE Educational Links Guide - Great place to find an organized list of unique and compelling math and science resources.
  • Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - a subject-arranged guide to over 800 links for teachers to enhance curriculum.
  • Awesome Library - organizes carefully reviewed education resources for teachers, students, parents, and librarians. Site contains a directory, an index, and a search engine.
  • ExplorAsource - Great search tool for teachers. Search by subject area, grade level and curriculum standard.

Search For Pictures, Graphics, Buttons and Logo's to Place On Your Page:

To save an image that you like to your disk, follow the directions below:

PC/Windows: Place the mouse arrow over the graphic and press the right mouse button. A menue appears.  Click on the Save Picture As and a dilaogue box appears. Find the Floppy A: Drive, name the image and click save.

Macintosh:  click and hold for a few seconds until the dialogue box appears. You can select the option "Save this image as..." Find the Floppy Disk located on your desktop, name the image and click save.

Creating Your Page With Netscape Composer

Note:  Most of the the technical information covered in this workshop is located in the easy to use How-To located above and can be accessed or printed from any Internet connected computer.

Additional Online Help & Support Resources for Netscape Composer & Angelfire.com

Publishing Your Web Page With Angelfire.com

Getting Your Web Page Noticed

  • Tips on How To Get Your Web Page Noticed By The Major Search Engines
  • Meta Tag Builder - Help the search engines list you
  • Submit It--register your site with various search engines
  • Register your homepage with Web66
  • Did-it (Check to see if your web site is registered on the major search engines. Give URL and they will email the results to you.) 
  • Go Net-Wide - a 'do-it-yourself' pointer page with direct links to web site submission forms for over 200 Internet search engines, directories, hot lists, and announcement sites. No charge, ever. 
  • Web66 - A Directory of Teachers and Schools and their web page addresses.

Additional Tools You Can Use To Build Your Web Page 

WYSIWYG HTML Editors - Software programs that you install on your computer that look and feel similar to a word processing program.

  • Netscape Composer - Free for anyone to download & use on both Mac & Windows.
  • Microsoft FrontPage - Better than Composer, but is not free and has outdated version for Macintosh.$$
  • Claris Home Page - A lot like FrontPage, available for both Windows and the Mac.$
  • Adobe Page Mill - Somewhat difficult Web Page Editor available for both the Mac and Windows.$
  • NetObjects Fusion - A higher end Web Page Editor for the serious website builder. $$$ Free Trial Version available for Download. Mac & Windows Compatible.
  • Go Live - Another higher end website design and management program available for both Windows and Mac. $$$
Web-Based Page Builders- these free sites provide online templates that you add your own text and links to. They will also host you web page too and are compatible with all Internet connected computers. Note: Most are require Ad's on your pages.
  • GeoCities - a  complete publishing tool available through your Yahoo e-mail address. One drawback is the required ads the service places on your page.
  • My School Online - form based page builder available from the Family Education Network and TeacherVision.com. Very rigid.
  • Homework Central - very flexible web hosting service just for teachers. Provides easy published templates and freedom to publish your own creations.
  • SchoolCity - similar to Homework Central.
  • SchoolLife - similar to Homework Central.
  • RedRival - Easy to use web host. Only accepts new users in bunch's - luck of the draw.
  • The Globe - a complete publishing tool. One drawback is the required ads the service places on your page.
  • Angelfire- a complete publishing tool. One drawback is the required ads the service places on your page.
  • Netscape Netcenter - a complete publishing tool. One drawback is the required ads the service places on your page.

Graphic Creation Tools - You can use these tools to create pictures, logos and buttons in GIF or JPG format's for use on your web pages.

  • Paint Shop Pro - the Windows standard in creating GIF's and JPG's (web graphics). Available in a free trial version by Download. Not available for Mac.
  • CorelDraw LE - a free graphics creator and editor for the Mac. Available for Download.
  • Adobe ImageStyler - a great graphics creation tool for non graphic artists. Available for both Windows and Mac. $$$
  • Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 - another great graphics creation tool for non graphic artists. Available for both Windows only. $$$

Site Enhancement Tools - You can use these tools as either a compliment to your site or as functional application with in your site.

  • Web-Based Teaching/Distance Learning Tools - Use these formbased tools to put your lessons or entire courses online for free. 
    • Blackboard.Com- easy to use, advertising supported.
    • NiceNet - maintained by Northwestern University, not advertising supported.
  • Web-based Calendar/Schedule Creators - Use these free template based services to put up your syllabus, class schedule or experiment timelines and then link to them from your web page. Note: Advertising Driven.
  • Web Based Literary Publishing Systems - use these form-based systems to copy and paste student writing and publish work to the web for all the world to read.
  • Web-based Bookmark/Favorite Systems- Use these systems to manage your bookmarked resources on the web and then link to them from your web page.
  • Web-Based Form Creator- Use these tools to create interactive forms collecting data from users that can automatically be converted into graphs, reports or a unique message. Useful for classroom management, online projects, test & quizzes or just data storage.
    • Flashbase - free form and database management for your site.
  • Web-Based File Storage/Online Briefcases/Online Hard Drives - Use to put documents online for easy access or to share with multiple users. Useful for collaboarative projects, document distribution for many classes or just backing up your files. Most are free with $ for more space.
  • Java Scripts- Use scripts to place real-time information on your page like the time and date, or to make the site more active with scrolling text or buttons/text/image that changes color when the users mouse moves over it. These scripts are free but require you to give credit to the author.


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