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Internet Integration - Getting Started

St. Patricks School 3-10-00


The purpose of today's session is to learn how to use the Internet by experiencing the technology first-hand.  We will explain the different parts of Netscape or Internet Explorer and let you practice your surfing skills through guided activities. We will introduce you to various web searching tools and will give you real experience in using them. We will also expose you to some online classroom applications that can be easily integrated.

What is the Internet ?

Browser Basics 

Searching For Educational Materials On The Net

Examples of How To Use The Main Search Tools

Using a Directory to Find Educational Material

Using a Search Engine to Find Educational Material
Using a Subject Guide to Find Educational Material

Other Search Tools

Top Search Engines Top Web Directories  Top Meta Search Tools
Education Only Web Directories Kid's Search Tools Search & Sort Tools for Teachers


Unique & Compelling Internet Applications

Consulting Experts in the Field

One simple way to incorporate the Internet into classroom lessons is to utilize experts in appropriate fields to answer your students' toughest questions.

Examples of Collaborative Projects

Finding Collaborative Projects and Partners on the Web

Publishing Student Work On-Line

Examples of Real Time Data

Other Compelling Projects/Resources

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