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             Internet Applications in the Classroom

St. Patrick's School  March 21, 2000

Purpose of Today's Workshop

Today's workshop will serve as an introduction to various unique and compelling Internet resources, particularly in the areas of science and language arts. Participants will learn how to get in touch with on-line experts and see examples of collaborative and real time data projects.

Consulting Experts in the Field

  • Ask a Volcanologist
  • Ask a Bird Expert
  • Scientific American
  • Ask an Astronomer
  • Ask Shamu
  • Ask Dr. Math
  • Ask Jeeves for Kids
  • Kids' Almanac
  • Examples of Collaborative Projects

    1999-2000 CIESE-Sponsored Collaborative and Real Time Data Projects

    Examples of Real Time Data Real Time Data Projects Finding Collaborative Projects and Partners on the Web

    Publishing Student Work On-Line


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