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Purpose of Today's Workshop
To introduce the different types of searching tools available on the World Wide Web today. To learn how to decide which searching method and tool will work best for finding the type of information you are looking for. To learn various searching terms and rules in order to access information faster and with better results. To become aware of Internet Safety issues involved in using the Internet in the classroom.

Searching Strategies Overview

Internet Safety Issues
  • CIESE Internet Safety Page - Packed with resources on Filtering Software, Acceptable Use Policies and Case Studies.
  • GetNetWise- Packed with resources for a kid safe Internet experience.

Searching For Educational Materials On The Net
Using a Directory to Find Educational Material
Using a Search Engine to Find Educational Material
Using a Subject Guide to Find Educational Material

Other Search Tools
Top Search Engines Top Web Directories  Top Meta Search Tools
Education Only Web Directories Search & Sort Tools for Teachers
Kid's Search Tools

Planning Searches

When we do searches on the internet, we often waste a lot of time.  A litte planning before-hand can help you find the information you are looking for.  Some useful tools for planning include:
Word Webs
Idea Maps
Concept Maps

Citing Internet Resources

Supplementary Learning Resources

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