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K-12 Partnership Program
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Holdrum Middle School April 25, 2000

Examples of Collaborative Projects

1999-2000 CIESE-Sponsored Collaborative and Real Time Data Projects

Examples of Topic- Specific Resources

Using Primary Source Material

Publishing Student Work On-Line

Finding Collaborative Projects and Partners on the Web

  • Language Arts Resources
  • Literature Links
  • Creative Writing for Teens
  • Ray's Literature Lessons
  • 1000's of Full text Books Online
  • Cyber Guides - Teacher's guides for children/young adult novels
  • Word Play- Links to activities for vocabulary building and enrichment
  • Library of Congress Home Page -- search the library's databases
  • Browse Through Thousands of Book Reviews
  • Random House Thematic Index- Children/Young Adult novels categorized by theme
  • Selected Literary Resources Online
  • School Newspapers Online
  • The Jack London Collection -- good example of hard-to-find personal letters and documents
  • Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site - for teachers in grades K-8
  • Book of Famous Quotes
  • Wacky Web Tales
  • The Children's Literature Web Guide
  • Books Alive- History and biographies for children
  • The English Teachers' Web Page
  • Social Studies Resources
  • The CNN Homepage
  • The Civil War in Children's Literature
  • PBS History Links
  • Online Social Studies Projects  Scholastic Press site 
  • News Central -- browse through newspapers from around the world
  • How Far Is It? -- Find the Distance Between Two Cities
  • National Geographic -- maps and educational resources
  • Mapquest -- get driving directions for anywhere in the US
  • Virtual History Tour
  • Native American Sites
  • 50 States
  • Library of Congress: American Memory-- Wealth of photos, documents, maps, recordings of historical events
  • The Smithsonian Homepage
  • History/Social Studies Web site for K-12 Teachers
  • EDSITEment -- Links to top History web sites
  • U.S. Presidents - Social Studies Reports -- good example of publishing student work on-line
  • The History Place

  •  The History Net

    Carol Shields

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