Navigating the World Wide Web

Web Browsers

  • Netscape Navigator
  • Netscape Communicator
  • Internet Explorer


Bookmarking (also known as Favorites)
It's easy to return to a web page that you liked simply by bookmarking it.  Practice bookmarking this page.
Frames Help! I can't get back....... Targets
Targets move you within your same document page.  Unfortunately, they look the same as hypertext links.  These are often used  where document pages are very long.

Opening New Windows

Sometimes when you click on a link, it will open an entire new web page or a new window.

No Worries...

If you don't feel comfortable with everything you've learned here today, eventually you will.  Repetition can often help with skills such as these.  So please revisit this page to see if you can repeat these exercises.