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Unique and Compelling Interdisciplinary Internet Resources that 
Focus on Language Arts and Social Studies

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Purpose of Today's Workshop

Today's workshop will examine Internet projects that incorporate unique and compelling resources in the areas of Language Arts and Social Studies. Participants will first examine a number of unique online resources that can be incorporated into a Language Arts or Social Studies Lesson. They will then learn techniques for evaluating web sites for use in the classroom and will explore several high quality interdisciplinary projects. 

 Examples of Unique & Compelling Internet Resources for Language Arts & Social Studies 

These exercises are designed to provide you with some practical applications of the web-based tools and resources that can be immediately integrated into your current curriculum. Use your Internet Surfing Report form in your handouts to complete this exercise.

  • Government and Politics:   
    • Using  Vote Note, find your Congressional Representative and record the last vote he/she made, when they made it and on what bill. Then using a different Zip Code in another state find another Congressional Representative and how they voted on the same bill. Compare and contrast results.
  • Economics & Finance: 
    •  Using Yahoo Finance, find & record the latest stock quote and news story for AT&T, Bell Atlantic & Sprint..
  • Language Arts: 
  • Foreign Languages:  
  • Geography & Cultural Studies:  
    • Using Yahoo Travel Info find & record two interesting facts about Qatar, their most significant national holiday and  their Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Collaborative Resources That Focus On Social Studies & Language Arts
(Note: please review our statement and resources on Internet Safety for Kids)

Sample Global Projects Students Can Participate In
Finding Online Collaborative Projects To Participate In
Finding Key Pals (Online Pen pals) To Link Students With

Publishing Student Work Online 
(Note: please review our statement and resources on Internet Safety for Kids)

Free Places To View & Publish Student Work Online

Using Primary Source Material

Example: The Jack London Collection
Example: Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
Example Project: Historical Treasure Chests

Places to Find Primary Source Material 

Lesson Plans Using Primary Source Material

Exploring Additional  Language Arts and Social Studies Web Resources

Starting Points

Government & Politics Language Arts
Economics and Finance  Foreign Language 



Social Studies  Other Resources



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