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K-12 Partnership Program 

1998 -99 


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Web Publishing For Teachers 
K-8 Teacher Websites 
9-12 Teacher Websites 

The Basics

Examples of  School Web Sites & Personal Pages

Tips for Designing A Good Web Page  Empowering Student Learning With Web Publishing-An Article 

The Technical Stuff

Using Netscape Composer (editor version of Netscape Communicator)

Finding Online Resources to Use On Your Web Page  

Find Educational Sites To Link To Your Site:    Search Engines That Find Graphics:  
Free Image Sites   Free Background Patterns 
Creating Images for The Web 
(For Advanced Users) 
Forms & Script To Make Your Page Interactive(For Advanced Users) 

Publishing Your Web Page

How Others Can Find Your Web Page

Extras  Software for Developing and Publishing Your Web Page 

HTML Guides (so you want to write the code...)

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