Biology Resources

General - Exploratorium: Listing of the Top Biology Resources - HotSpots: More Top Biology Resources - wide variety of sources; class activities under education; - The Tech Museum of Innovation; virtual tour and some lessons - Frank Potter's Science Gems - World-Wide Virtual Library: Biosciences - Super list of student-prepared topics for labs plus additional resources; other years also starting from 1991

Lessons and Exercises - Human Anatomy^Science/browse/f18.html - Page includes pill bug lab - The natural history of genes - DNA extraction technique – clear directions, but no associated learning activities - Good basic principles of scientific investigation using Biology examples. - This project is designed to give high school students experience in using the techniques and tools currently being used in the Human Genome Project. - Classroom activity involving nitrogen cycle - Bearded Breads: Experiment with molds; PDF format - Worm Bin Project: comparing food provided to castings otained

Background Information - Issues, diseases, resources, and careers - Genetics links – CDC morbidity and mortality databases and various public health materials - University of Colorado Health Sciences Center: Virtual Human images etc. - Many links - More sites to investigate - Online Biology text - Subject matter guide - Large Molecules hypertextbook – many diagrams – questions included at end - Enzyme Biochemistry – hypertext w/ much information and self-quiz at end - Developmental Biology images, infomation, and tutorials - Biodiversity, Ecology and the Environment from the World-Wide Web virtual Library - Medical information - Biological images – check copyright instructions - Advance Life Support Systems 1998 Data on phytoplankton and physical factors in Baltic - Extensive, subject-specific references - Resources accompanying Human Biology 314 - Chapter Tools to accompany biology text; references for AP Biology - AP Biology references

Interactive websites - Virtual Frog dissection - Excellent genetics material – Multiple choice questions well-set up as various problem situations - University of Chicago Student Allele Database – Offers simulation of Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium - Allows exploration of embryologic development of chick using various imaging techniques - Virtual Cell – Tour allows viewing and sectioning of some of the cell parts - Visible Human - Panoramic view of Univ. of GA tropical greenhouse – novel, but not real time

Multimedia - Images in VMRL need to be downloaded - Program for purchase - Tour allows you to see parallels between a functioning cell and a functioning city

Student Publishing - Super list of student-prepared topics for labs plus additional resources; other years also starting from 1991 -Example of a field problem and student publishing – stream study