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How to Publish Your Web Page To

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Before publishing page(s), it is important to check that the following rules have been followed accurately:
  • The file name of the page the viewer will visit first is named "index.html "
  • All files (both graphics(jpg & gif) and html) are saved in lower case, no spaces or symbols(numbers are OK)
  • A sub-directory(folder) named "images" is created and all images(gif & jpg) are saved in it.
  • If your files are saved on a floppy disk, make sure that disk is in the floppy drive of the computer you will be working from.

Open your browser(Navigator or Internet Explorer) and type "" in the location bar and hit the enter key(see below).

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When you come to the Angelfire home page click on the "Login" button as you have already registered in session one of the workshop(see below)

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At the registration page, complete the first field with the second half of your URL(web address)(i.e. /nj/workshop instead of Then complete the second field with your password and click the submit button.

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* If you cannot remember this information, please refer to your manual and look in the section for this
workshop where you recorded this information when you initially registered with

Once you are in the "Web Shell" page provided by, you will notice in the window in the middle of the page a list of all the files(html, gif and jpg) you have uploaded. If this is your first time in the web shell, you will notice only one file(index.html), a default placed in your directory by

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Please scroll down toward the bottom of the web shell page and find "File Upload" tools(see below). Click on the "Browse" button to ocate the files you have created on your computer. They will either be stored on your "3 1/2" Floppy A: Drive" or what ever you named your floppy disk(Macintosh Users Only) or somewhere on your Hard Drive, depending on where you saved them. Once you choose the file you want to upload, click the "Open" button and you will notice the file will be placed in the box next to"File Upload". Now you are ready to click on the upload button to place the file up on the server. The Web Shell page will reload itself and you can check to see of your file was uploaded by viewing it in the box(see above). Make sure you upload all files including the graphics(jpg, gif) files. Also, remember to make sure all file names are lower case, without any spaces or symbols(numers are OK). Finally make sure your home page file name is "index.html"

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Finally, when you made sure you have uploaded all necessary files, you can view your web page by clicking on the "index.html" file in the box of the web shell window to highlight it and then clicking on the grey "view button" just below that same box(see below).

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