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Internet In Education and the Global Classroom



The purpose of today's session is for you to learn how to use the Internet by experiencing the technology first-hand. It is designed for the novice, but offers veterans the opportunity to review more advanced topics on their own. You will learn about the different parts of Netscape and/or Internet Explorer and practice your surfing skills through guided activities. You will be introduced to various unique and compelling uses of Internet-based resources. You will obtain a free e-mail account and learn how to compose, send and read e-mail messages.  Finally, you will become familiar with publishing student work on the Internet and the utility called online bookmarking.

What is the Internet ?

Browser Basics 

Unique and Compelling Guided Exploration

  • http://www.k12science.org/exploration/compelling/

Using E-Mail

Publishing Student Work Guided Exploration

Introduction to Online Bookmarking

Supplementary Resources

E-mail Overview

E-mail Applications in the Classroom

  • Audio/Video conferencing

Internet Safety Information

Internet Glossary

Online Tutorials


How Can I Get Connected ?





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