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Northern Burlington Regional High School
May 17, 2002

 Using Internet Resources To Integrate Science and Math Instruction

Purposes of Today's Workshop

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Review Internet-based projects that involve both science and math
  • Discuss ways to increase cross-discipline activities
  • Develop a plan to implement such cross-discipline activities


"...mathematics is the science of patterns, science is the study of patterns in nature, and the learner has a proclivity for patterns..."

AIMS Plans Pattern-Based Math/Science Curriculum by Arthur Wiebe


Collaborative Projects

Interdisciplinary Project

Real-Time Data Project

"An educational gulf exists between the way science and mathematics instruction occurs in schools and the way science and mathematics are carried out in the real world. A need exists to make middle school and high school science and mathematics instruction more like the way that that science and mathematics are used in the real world."

Examples of Problem-Based Learning





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