NJSSI South Jersey Specialty Site Program
High Technology Workforce Program
K12Partnership Program 


Final Presentation Guidelines: 2001 - 2002 



Individuals, school or district teams


The afternoon of your last workshop

How Long?

5 - 15 minutes


Wherever you normally meet

Depending on your interests, experience and the program you are in and in consultation with your trainer, you may opt for any one of the choices outlined below. 

IMPLEMENTATION PAGE - A web page with student and teacher resources that complement or extend a unique and compelling internet-based project that you will be implementing with your class   Sample

UNIQUE AND COMPELLING RESOURCES - A web page that links web sites that are tailored to the NJCCCS, to content areas, or to special laboratory programs such as FOSS   Sample

TRAINING PAGES - A web-based set of modules that you can use to conduct turn-key training in your schools or districts  Sample

Alternatives are possible for highly experienced Internet users or trainers. See your CIESE trainer to discuss this.