Managing your Geocities Account 

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Creating a Geocities account

In your browsers address, or location window, type the following URL:   Click on the "Sign Me Up" link, and follow the instructions for filling out the form.  
(FYI: this also creates a yahoo e-mail account for you, using the same user name and password)

* Write down this username and password for future reference.  

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Logging into your account

1.  If you just created an account, you are already logged in, and should see the 
URL of your web page.  Write it down, and then click on it.  

2.  The following page will ask you to choose a 
category for your page.  Choose "Schools and Education", and click submit.  

3.  On the next page, click on "Build your Page Now".  

If you are returning to geocities, in your browsers address, or location window, type the following URL:  

1.  Type your user ID and password in at the member sign in screen, and click "Sign In".  

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Uploading Files to Geocities

1.   Locate the "Advanced Tools" box after the log in page, and click on "Upload & FTP".

2.  The next screen allows you to browse files on your hard drive or floppy drive.  Click the "Browse" button
next to each window, for as many files as you would like to upload.  Find the file, highlight it with a click, 
and hit open.  

3.  If you know you will be uploading more than 5 files at once, you can choose more by hitting the down 
arrow, and clicking display.

4.  When you are finished selecting all the files for upload, click "Upload Files".    

Make sure your main page has the name index.html.  This is the industry 
standard for the main page of a site.

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Viewing Your Web Page on the Internet

1.   Once you have uploaded all of your images and html files, you can view your page on the net.  

2.  In your browsers address or location window, type the following URL:

3.  Replace "your_user_name" with your geocities/ yahoo mail account user name.  

4.  FYI - You don't need to type in "index.html", because the server automatically looks for that as the main page.  

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