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Developing Implementation Web Pages
Marist High School Site Visit
March 23, 2001


The purpose of today's session is to learn how to use the Internet by experiencing the technology first-hand. It is designed for the novice to an experienced user of the Internet.  Today you will learn how to develop and publish a curriculum implementation web page.  We will begin the workshop by gathering materials for your implementation web page, then look at some items to include in the web page, like objectives, NJ standards, etc., and then learn how to actually create it.  You will have sufficient time in the afternoon to work on your implementation web page.  The goal of today is to create at least one implementation web on the Internet.

In addition, if the need arises, we will discuss the different parts of Netscape and/or Internet Explorer, and let you practice your surfing skills through guided activities.


Gathering Materials for your Implementation Web Page

Implementation Web Page

Building Your Implementation Web Page


Supplementary Resources

Unique and Compelling Applications

Internet Basics?

Browser Basics

Using E-Mail

Online Bookmarking

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