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  K - 12 Partnership Online Materials    2000 - 2001 

K - 8 Internet Applications for Educators: 
Collaboration and Consultation


Today's workshop will serve as an introduction to various unique and compelling Internet resources, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics. Participants will learn how to get in touch with on-line experts, how to subscribe to a listserv, how to find and develop Internet-based collaborative projects, and how to find keypals. Additionally, participants will see examples of on-line student published work and examples of real time data.

Consulting Experts in the Field

One simple way to incorporate the Internet into classroom lessons is to utilize experts in appropriate fields to answer your students' toughest questions.

Examples of Collaborative Projects

Finding Collaborative Projects and Partners on the Web

Developing a Collaborative Project

Publishing Student Work On-Line

Understanding Real Time Data Images Examples of Real Time Data

Other Compelling Projects/Resources


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