What book won the Caldecott Medal this year?

Which character from The Mitten, by Jan Brett, loves a surprise, is friendly, and has bright eyes?

What kind of animal is the title character of  Avi's book, Poppy?

Name a children's author who was born on the same day as you.

What important historical event happened on your birthday?

According to the USGS Report, what was the place, date and time of the most recent earthquake?

What was the weather like on this day last year?

What was the total lifeboat capacity of the Titanic?

How many New Jersey Neighborhood reports have students contributed to ZuZu?

How warm does it have to be outside to make a Solar S'more?

Who wrote the eye-witness account of the burning of Rome in 64 AD?

To what "personal gift" was Elvis Presley referring in his 1970 letter to Richard Nixon?

According to Storm Watch, what parts of the country are experiencing severe weather right now?