Flat Stanley in New Jersey And On A Caribbean Cruise

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Stanley, whose home is in Louisiana, visited Ms. Goble's third grade class at Redshaw School, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Ms. Goble took Stanley on a trip to Stevens Institute of Technology and above you can see her holding him as she stands on the waterfront in Hoboken.  During Christmas vacation, Ms. Goble  brought  Stanley on a cruise with her.  Read Stanley's letter about his adventures and see the vacation photographs below.

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Dear Friends,

I had a great time in New Jersey. I got to learn a lot about the state and I even began to learn how to speak Spanish! The children in Ms. Gobleís class were wonderful. I visited some of them and spent the night with their families, and I spent some time with Ms. Goble, too.

When she told me she was going on a vacation for Christmas, I asked if I could go with her. I was so excited to find out that it was a cruise to Grand Cayman and Mexico. She didnít even have to pay extra for me because nobody knew I was inside the suitcase!

I got to visit a Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman and also a house made of conch shells. When we went to Mexico, Ms. Goble took me into the town of Playa del Carmen to see the beach. I met a young Mayan girl who was working on the street cutting up fresh fruit to sell. When she saw me, she wanted to keep me, but Ms. Goble explained that I was only visiting and had to go back home soon. It was fun being on a cruise ship, too. I met the captain and the cruise director, and every night at dinner, I got to eat as much dessert as I wanted to eat.

Now itís time for me to go back to Louisiana because Iíve stayed in New Jersey for a long time. I have lots of pictures to take home with me, and a lot of memories, too. I am going to miss the friends I made at Redshaw School in New Brunswick. I hope they donít forget about me. I sure wonít forget about them!

Your Friend,


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