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See how a unique and compelling resource can be differentiated from the others....  Use the links within this page to 
explore at least one
sample of each type of  educational resource.

Traditional Internet Resources

Volcanoes of the United States
A very comprehensive USGS publication about volcanoes in the US.

AskERIC Lesson Plans
This site provides access to a range of lesson plans for teachers.

Shack's Math Problems
Over 180 challenging math problems for high school students.

Innovative Internet Resources

Virtual Frog Dissection
Dissect a virtual frog without getting your hands dirty.

Visualize El Niño and La Niña Events
Animated graphics of these ocean events illustrate temperature differences.

Interactive Periodic Table
This site uses hyperlinks to create an interactive periodic table.


Unique & Compelling Internet Resources

Ask-a-Science Expert
Submit questions and get answers from real science experts.

The International Boiling Point Project
Classes from around the world collect and analyze data to discover what causes a pot of water to boil.

Air Pollution: What's the Solution
Students access real-time air quality data to discover the effects of ozone.

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