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How can Unique and Compelling Internet applications help prepare students for their futures?

Unique and Compelling Internet applications are effective in addressing the follow three areas of student achievement...

Prepare them to succeed in accordance with testing of specific state and/or national standards

"Recent results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) find that 12th grade students who downloaded and analyzed data from the Internet scored statistically higher on the NAEP science test then those who did not." (source:

Test Score Data

Higher order thinking skills are the emphasis on the SAT II exams


Prepare them to be successful in tomorrow's workforce
  • Digital literacy skills 
    (reading, writing, arithmetic, mathematics, speaking, and listening)

  • Information Skills 
    (acquire and evaluate data, interpret and communicate effectively)

  • Interpersonal Skills 
    (work on diverse teams, teach others, etc.)

Prepare them to be global citizens

The League for Innovation in the Community College Committees
have consistently included these competencies in their
lists for the 21st Century Learning Outcomes Project"

Social Responsibility / Citizenship
Diversity / pluralism
Local, community, global awareness
Environmental awareness

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