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This program, a collaboration among Southern New Jersey ETTCs and 
Stevens Institute of Technology, is sponsored by the 
NJ Statewide Systemic Initiative and the Participating Organizations


The Stevens K-12 Partnership, now entering its third year,
promotes the meaningful integration of Internet-based resources into the K-12 curriculum in science, mathematics, and other disciplines.  This program emphasizes unique and compelling applications of the Internet that engage students in authentic science investigations, analysis of real world, "real time" data collected via global telecollaboration or through dynamic databases maintained by major scientific and governmental agencies such as NASA, NOAA, and the U.S. Geological Survey.  Lesson activities provide students with opportunities to collaborate with real scientists and researchers and with other school children worldwide and to collect, analyze, and make predictions with data.  Curriculum materials are aligned with and promote the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards in science and mathematics.

This partnership among Stevens Institute's Center for Improved Engineering and Science Education (CIESE) and five Southern New Jersey Educational Technology Training Centers (located in Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland, Salem, Camden Counties) is an abbreviated version of the highly successful Stevens K-12 Partnership, a 78 hour professional development initiative that provides teachers with opportunities to explore in-depth curriculum materials relevant for their own classroom needs and to serve as staff development resources for their own schools and districts.  With funding from the NJ Statewide Systemic Initiative, this 36 hour series of workshops is the backbone of the more comprehensive package.  Because the Stevens K-12 Partnership has only been offered previously in Northern and Central New Jersey (in Hoboken and North Brunswick), Southern New Jersey educators have not had the opportunity to participate.

For more information about the Stevens K-12 Partnership, visit http://www.ciese.org/k12partnership/main.html
or contact Beth McGrath, CIESE Deputy Director at bmcgrath@stevens-tech.edu or (201) 216-5037.

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